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We fly with a secret jetpacks "JetPack" over New York

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In New York, we held the first official and agreed with the Federal Office and the US Coast Guard JetPack flying near the island of Liberty, wrote in Monday, November 9, N + 1, referring to the video published on YouTube

'Smart Bird' - a radio-controlled robot / 2015 China

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Modeled after the Festo Corporation's 'Smart Bird' robot, this guy constructed his own radio-controlled airplane bird that had such a lifelike motion that even the birds were getting confused.


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The amount of venture capital in the world in 2015 promises to break records of previous years. Only in the II quarter of companies around the world have raised more than $ 32 billion, bringing the total investment to $ 60 billion. For the entire 2014 the company received $ 88 billion
As in previous years, the United States remains a leader in both the number of companies receiving investments and their terms of money - $ 36 billion (60% of the global volume of venture capital investments)

Deal of the Year for Ukrainian Venture : Snapchat bought Odessa Looksery startup for $ 150 million

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According to rumors, the entire development team from Odessa Ukrainian applications move to the United States.
Looksery - is software for mobile devices, which provides real-time edit your own face so beautiful to look at the photos, and even during a video chat. With the application, you can lose weight, get fat, even out skin tone and eliminate its defects, to change anything - from eye color to the shape of the skull, put on face animation cartoon character or hero horror movie.